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Forum rules

Please read the rules before participating in the forums.

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In order to ensure a comfortable and productive atmosphere we ask our members to obey the following rules:

1. Please do not spam. Any unrelated advertising and irrelevant posts will be removed. Do not post profanities and other inappropriate material such as, for example, nudity. Do not post copyrighted and illegal material such as download links or torrents to pirated software. Do not post hateful and discriminatory content. Do not post anything which is not suitable for the workplace or in front of children. Any violation of this rule will not be tolerated. The first post of every new member has to be approved by a moderator (read this announcement for the explanation why). It is advised for a new member to make their first post in the introduction thread.

2. If possible, please post in English. However, if you cannot write in English, you are welcome to post in your native language. Since your posts will be machine-translated, please use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation, try to keep the sentences simple and unambiguous in meaning, and try to avoid using unnecessary abbreviations. The staff reserves the right to edit posts without announcement and to correct formatting, spelling and grammatical errors, with the intention of making machine-translation more efficient. The staff will always explain the changes made to the post using a blue coloured font.

3. Please respect the privacy of other members and be polite to them. You are not required to agree with or respect everyone, but when you disagree, do it in a civil manner. Keep in mind that our members come from different cultural backgrounds and may have opposingly different opinions on matters considered important. If you feel offended by someone's viewpoint, feel free to disagree, but do not make drama out of it - keep your disagreements civil. Using Friends and Foes system, it is possible to ignore members whose opinions you find disagreeable.

4. Please do not backseat moderate: if you find a post that violates these rules, please do not try to take action yourself. Do not post about it publicly, but instead report the post using the report button Image which is situated at the bottom right of every post. The staff will be notified of your report and, if necessary, take action. Do not abuse the report system.

5. When posting large links or images please use the URL tags or spoiler tags respectively to avoid stretching the page.

6. Before posting, use the search function to see if somebody has already posted something related. We discourage making new threads if there already exist old ones with the same topic. This makes finding relevant information much easier for everyone. However, if a topic has been inactive for a long time, do not revive it for trivial reasons (for example to post "Thanks!") - make sure to have relevant information or a valid question before posting in an old, inactive thread. Try to stick to the topic of the thread, do not digress needlessly, and do not use the thread for chatting with another member - use the PM system instead, or join our chat channel.

7. Only one account per user is allowed. Your IP address is logged and every additional account you make will be deleted. The exceptions to this rule are accounts created by the staff and accounts used by search engines.

8. Do not use large, flashy signatures or avatars with animations. Keep your signatures and avatars simple, tasteful and subdued. The staff reserves the right to remove inappropriate signatures and avatars.

9. Please do not post in red or blue coloured fonts, since these are colours used by the staff to edit posts. Do not remove or alter staff edits. Do not abuse BBcode for unnecessary text formatting.

10. Some subforums have special rules applying to them specifically. They are visible at the top of the page when viewing that subforum. Please respect those rules when posting where they are applicable.

When a rule is violated, a member of the staff will include a red text message in the offending post explaining how and which rule has been broken. This should be considered a warning and repeating the same offence afterwards will not be tolerated and, in case of grave offences, may result in temporary or permanent suspension from the Forum.

If you believe your IP address has been banned from registering to the Forum, due to a mistake in enforcing the rule no. 1 (i.e. a moderator has mistaken you for a spammer), please send an email to and we will reconsider the IP ban.

Disclaimer: Any posts made on 'Little Geese: The Ocarina Forum' belong to their respective authors and represent their own thoughts and opinions. 'Little Geese: The Ocarina Forum' cannot be held liable for any of the content posted by its users.

If you find copyrighted content that belongs to you, on this Forum, please send an email to and we will remove it as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding these rules or are unsure of what is appropriate on this Forum, please send a PM to the user Bas or an email to .

The rules were last edited by KreŇ°imir on 9th January 2013.

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