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bibiography of ocarina sheet music and tutorials
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Author:  Jack Campin [ 21 Feb 2016, 15:15 ]
Post subject:  bibiography of ocarina sheet music and tutorials

I just won this EBay auction: ... 2123569996

which got me three tunable Mezzettis (soprano and alto G, alto B flat/A) and a pile of ocarina sheet music.

The soprano has a little handwritten paper sticker saying what pitch it is, which I haven't seen on any other ocarina. Otherwise, the instruments aren't that surprising (they work fine, though the B flat one doesn't really play as promised in A at usable volume even if you pull the plug way out). The sheet music, though, is British and entirely stuff I had never heard of, apart from a copy of the Mezzetti tutor. Two pieces were prepared with the assistance of an Edinburgh music teacher called William Wyatt and sold by Kohler, a big Edinburgh music shop and publisher of the time. In one of them, Wyatt advertises his services as an ocarina teacher.

I would like to date this stuff. My guess is the 1880s, and I can probably find when Wyatt was at the address he advertises by looking up the post office directory. But if anybody has a dated bibliography of early ocarina publications I'd like to see it.

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