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Author:  Hamlett [ 25 Oct 2013, 01:23 ]
Post subject:  Hamlett Ocarinas

Everyone is welcome to browse the website. I create a page for any YouTube videos I make, and I also supply the backtrack and sheet music if there are no copyright issues. I have audio downloads of my recordings (homemade, not studio), all my fingering charts, and a few informational articles. I also welcome suggestions for new information articles as well.

I am always happy to answer any questions about my ocarinas, and I gladly accept constructive feedback from anyone who owns, or has tried, one of my ocarinas.

Contact Richard Hamlett here.

Author:  Miguel from portugal [ 28 Oct 2013, 12:13 ]
Post subject:  Re: Hamlett Ocarinas

Hey Richard,
I always love your ocarinas, specially your god taste for diferent colors... and are on my 'must have' list...

Author:  Hamlett [ 28 Oct 2013, 16:16 ]
Post subject:  Re: Hamlett Ocarinas

Thanks Miguel, I appreciate the welcome, and I'd be happy to make you one whenever you are ready.

Author:  Hamlett [ 12 Nov 2013, 00:20 ]
Post subject:  Re: Hamlett Ocarinas

Updates to

I've just completed a few updates to the website, and I'd like to explain the changes I've made and why.

Here's a bullet list of the what's new or different. The complete explanations are in the spoilers.

  • Reintroduced the option to order acrylic painted ocarinas in addition to the existing 5 glaze options.
  • Stopped using shellac as a sealer on painted ocarinas and started using a water based acrylic lacquer.
  • Added option to order an ocarina with colors of your own instead of just picking one of my colors from the dropdown.
  • Added comments feature to all ocarina listings so you can provide customer feedback and help others make their decision.
  • Added some items to the Information menu to make important articles easier to find.
  • Added an article with a full description and comparison of the two finishing options: kiln fired glaze vs acrylic and lacquer.

A new acrylic lacquer
I stopped selling painted ocarinas a while ago because I had reservations about using shellac. Too many times I've found myself warning potential customers about the problems with shellac. It is not a very durable sealant. It is not completely impervious to moisture, and it will wear off with constant handling. It dissolves in alcohol, so if the ocarina comes it contact with anything that contains alcohol or ammonia, such as glass cleaner, it will be ruined. Shellac is not very heat resistant, it can soften or even melt off if left in your car on a Summer day. Shellac will often sag over time, and on an ocarina that means the shellac could sag into the wind-way making the instrument unplayable. Ocarinas with a shellac finish will require careful attention and will inevitably need to be refinished at some point.

I thought for sure that once I was able to offer kiln fired glazes people would certainly choose that over shellac. That has not been the case. People really like having all those color options, and the layered multicolor effects that can be done with acrylic.

So I did some research and found a safe, non-toxic, water base acrylic lacquer that has none of the problems that shellac has. It is much more durable and will most likely last the lifetime of the ocarina without needing a refinish. It is not affected by alcohol or glass cleaners, it is impervious to moisture, and heat resistant.

This is an image of the test results from the technical documentation for this lacquer. This stuff is darn near bullet proof compared to shellac. Finally, I can offer a painted ocarina with a clear conscience and without feeling like I'm selling an inferior product.

Four initial colors
Just to get things started, I've added four acrylic colors/designs to the ordering options. There will be more colors added as I make more ocarinas and take some pictures. This is just something to get started with.

Use my colors
A lot more people order ocarinas by contacting me directly and requesting specific colors or patterns than they do by selecting something already on the website. So I simply added that as an option.

Here's what the order page looks like when that option is selected:

Leave feedback right on the site
Whenever I order something from the Internet, I like to read the comments of previous customers to see what people really say about it. I've added a comments feature on each ocarina product page for that purpose. I welcome both positive and negative comments, and the only thing I will filter out is profanity, racism, hate messages, or other spam. Any legitimate comment is welcome.

glaze vs lacquer
I know that a lot of people, even experienced ocarina players, who are simply not familiar with ceramics simply don't understand the real difference between a kiln fired glaze and a lacquered finish. I put together this information article to explain in great detail the two options in order to help people make the decision about which finish they might want.

For super quick version, there is a Pros/Cons summary at the bottom. You could probably just skip the whole thing and look at the summary and learn what you need to know.

Glaze vs Acrylic - What's the finish?

As always, I welcome any suggestions, feedback, discussion, or questions.

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