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Author:  Ocarinacaro [ 04 Aug 2013, 22:43 ]
Post subject:  OcarinaCaro ocarinas

Hi! I'm Caro, a Canadian (Quebec) ocarina maker. Playing flute and cello for several years, the quality of the sound is the most important factor while making ocarinas. I also really like to improve the aesthetic of the finish and make unique looking instruments.

Being mostly an artist, I make only few handmade ocarinas at a time and my ocarinas are not chain-produced. I use a mold to keep a uniform outer shape.

I make transverse ocarinas, pendants and sculptural ocarinas. I also make solid silver ocarinas (pendants only). I have tenor ocarinas for sale on my website (8-holes and 12-holes) and you can submit special requests to have a specific ocarina (dragon shaped ocarinas, silver etc).

All my ocarinas are made out of white clay (26F) one by one and fired at cone 2. I also like to decorate them using raku and shellac (this time I use straw firing and horsehair raku).

Website :

Example of my works :


Author:  Krešimir [ 05 Aug 2013, 10:30 ]
Post subject:  Re: OcarinaCaro ocarinas

Hi Caro!

That is a very nice website! I don't want to sound nit-picky, but I would suggest you to replace expressions like "ocarina in the key of C" with "ocarina in C" (just get rid of the word "key").

Author:  Ross Dubois [ 05 Aug 2013, 19:11 ]
Post subject:  Re: OcarinaCaro ocarinas

Hey Caro, welcome to the forum!
Ive always enjoyed seeing your work, including the lovely dragon sculptures :)
I look forward to seeing more to come in the future (especially your work with the horse hair firing, that stuff is gorgeous!)
Best of luck!

Author:  Ocarinacaro [ 09 Aug 2013, 20:39 ]
Post subject:  Re: OcarinaCaro ocarinas

Thanks! I will make a sculptural in a few weeks :)

Author:  sergiocarinas [ 02 Feb 2015, 00:40 ]
Post subject:  Re: OcarinaCaro ocarinas

Hola Caro
Me gusta tu trabajo y la forma de exponerlo en tu página web. Felicitaciones !

Author:  Ocarinacaro [ 08 Jul 2015, 14:41 ]
Post subject:  Re: OcarinaCaro ocarinas

Hi people! I just want to let you know I have started another Kickstarter project, this time I want to make replicas of the Ocarina of Time... entirely with metals and zirconias! I also want to make silver ocarinas again and also metallic dragon ocarinas.

3 DAYS LEFT and almost funded! :D
Click here to go on my Kickstarter page :)


Author:  NicCeb [ 12 Jul 2015, 02:01 ]
Post subject:  Re: OcarinaCaro ocarinas

Congrats on getting the backers needed, hope to see some cool stuff from you in the future.

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